From the wonderful Tom Lescher and his New Paradigm Astrology here is the Astrological Forecast for November 2012:
There are many lines of destiny coming into alignment, converging, collapsing, and convoluting through the month of November. As we make our way toward one “endpoint” (12-21) we will, each of us, need to face that which has held us back from full expression, full creative participation, and full union with the Other and the World.”
“This will be a month where Life, as our teacher, will place before us…one surprise, one challenge or one doubt after another to constantly check our limits, our desire, our integrity, and our readiness to make the leap across the threshold to a New World.”
“When we look at the astrology of this month, it is riddled with the presence of law and order.  Not a law and order of human making but a law and order beyond our understanding.  These laws and orders must be unmasked, revealed, seen, and followed before we may proceed as individuals and as a collective to the full realization of our potential. “
“…Only at certain evolutionary stages are greater and greater powers of consciousness revealed, as the individual passes through one initiation after another.  The sooner we are able to realize and follow these orders of life, the sooner we will master it….”
“The manner in which Life will be working this month will be by showing us our deepest fears.  These will vary from person to person.  Some will fear financial loss, some the loss of relationship, some their own loss of control or desire.  Others may fear responsibility, commitment, or intimacy and vulnerability.   The list is as long as the number of us on the planet, for we each have our own past and our own path. “
“… Only through seeing and feeling our fears will we come to know that they are not us, they are our teachers, and that through them we come to know ourselves, our worth and our path.”
“The exposure of these fears brings not only self-knowledge but choice.  The choices that we make in the face of fear determine our character.  Our character determines our destiny.  Part of what makes these decisions difficult is that the number of them within a given amount of time is increasing day by day!”
“It is as if Life is becoming ever more demanding, exacting, and merciless in its intensity, like some kind of movie.   Yet this too can be considered ‘intentional,’ as it demands that we draw from ever deeper levels of emotion, instinct, and desire when we simply don’t have the time to ‘figure it out’.”
“In addition to the nature of time rapidly increasing, Life is bringing us closer and closer to “home” by affecting our closest relationships.  Our most intimate partners will bring us our greatest challenges, as they know us best and mirror our unconscious fears and shadows back to us most clearly.  Facing and owning this shadow with all the humility and possible shame that it can raise within us clearly destabilizes our sense of self with far reaching ramifications.”
“We can no longer maintain the false stories we have told ourselves for so long.  Stories that have carried us this far but can carry us no longer.  We are now on the shore of a new ocean, a new frontier that can only be navigated with the utmost honesty, clarity, and maturity.   I suppose this is a complicated way of saying that we just can’t get away with anything anymore!”
“With the feeling of time speeding up, pressure building, and our closest partners/allies not supporting us the way we think they should or have in the past, we are thrown back upon ourselves.  The discomfort of this can lead to every and all forms of denial, avoidance, escapism and addiction.  As it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, we just may not want to!  We can question why, what it is all for, why bother with it, and fall into states of hopelessness and despair.  These times are practically designed to push us into a quest for the deeper meaning, purpose, and intelligence behind the supposed “accidental” life events.  Through this questioning, we will come to know Spirit Mind and not before.”
“This month will bring both a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse.  Eclipses open the door for new, foreign elements to enter our consciousness, atmosphere, and planet.  The aura of the earth is broken and the alien within and without comes to the fore. “
” In addition to whatever we may currently have on our plate, we will be given a taste of something new, something foreign, something unexpected.  As mentioned earlier, for some this will be physical, others emotional, mental, or spiritual, depending upon the current evolutionary focus.”
“… If we understand that this time period in the developmental history of humankind is focused upon us coming into our own individual power, we see why this is part of the story.  As things fall apart, as dreams are not realized, or as our greatest efforts lead to no results, we are again thrown back upon ourselves.  This results in deep self-reflection out of which comes greater self-realization leading to either a new approach to the issue or a letting go and moving in a new direction.”
  “This is a month for making the kind of choices that change your whole life.  By changing your whole life, you tap your infinite creative Self, step into your power, and actually feel the greatness of who you are!”
“Life is forever calling us to be more than we think we are.  This month we will be challenged, and will need to dig deeper within for the strength, willpower, and desire to grow.  When we lose our house to a natural disaster or the bank, lose our partner to someone else or they simply abandon us, it becomes necessary to take a serious reevaluation of who we are, what we really want, and where we are going.  What got us into that situation and what can we learn/do so it doesn’t happen again?  This leads to choices which improve our lives over time.
“Through adapting to an ever-changing world we cannot control, we cultivate new understanding, new capacities, and new ways to cope with and manage our reality.  This is what mastery is all about.”
“From a place of mastery, we can look back at some of the most difficult events in our lives as turning points that had to be that way for us to be who and where we are today.  As the soaring eagle looks down and surveys the entire landscape, so too can we look back and forward in our lives, and from this perspective make the wisest choices.  Knowing that the next two months are huge turning points in the lives of all humanity can give us the needed impetus to make big changes that we may otherwise not have risked.”
“Lastly, as we weave through the myriad changes both initiated by us and brought to us unexpectedly, we can cultivate a sense of awe and wonder at the grandeur of this existence.  Ultimately, the greatest order of Love is that we remember and acknowledge the gift of life that we have been given in all its crazy splendor.   That we give it all we’ve got and are grateful for what it gives back to us.  In this manner the beauty of life is experienced in all of its fullness as a reflection of our own.” 
© Copyright 2012 Tom Lescher