Here are some wonderful insights into current energy, from the always insightful Molly Hall from
“There’s an ever present agitation that comes with the kind of change we’re living through. All around, there are extremes of death and rebirth, dire lows and ecstatic highs. I see some in the angst of it, and some in the excitement — for some there is a mix of both. We are living in unprecedented times!”
“And in May, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square is exact, at 11 degrees Aries-Capricorn. This is the provocative clash that is asking us (as a species) to let go of what’s dying, and move with the surge of the new. May 20th and November 1st are the dates in 2013 to watch for dramatic events that bring things to a breaking point — or breakthrough point.”
“The outer planets involve culture-at-large, and on the Pluto in Capricorn side, we see entrenched power acting to preserve that power at any cost. A compulsive drive to centralize power can, and is, leading to ruthlessness. And together with Uranus in aggressive Aries, there can be a might makes right attitude.”
“The individual can choose to rise above, if wisdom is combined with the power of creativity. The hero/heroine demonstrates the microcosmic tension through surrender, digging deeper for what’s authentic, and taking risks to grow. In many ways, Uranus Aries is the celebration of the individual, each ‘I am.’ And the birthing process is how to re-shape culture to support the genius and brilliance of each spirit.”
“A quote from Elizabeth Rose Campbell in Intuitive Astrology struck me as timely. Campbell writes, ‘Absolute power is fear-based. Fear is rooted in ignorance of the archetypal creativity, which seeks to regenerate, from the dark fertile soil of current chaos, new combinations of meaning – chaos converted to creativity.” It takes bravery to be creative and truthful in a fearful time. And each person who chooses authenticity and creativity shows others the way….
Steady Steps
“The merry month of May begins with the fires of Beltane. The Sun’s rays are becoming more potent. Symbolically, this is a time (to Summer Solstice), to make the most of vital energies. This is a season of high spirits — find ways to infuse your plans with optimism, in cahoots with the solar year. This is a building time, the waxing time of the Sun.”
“On day one of May, Mercury shifts into Taurus, and joins the Sun, Mars and Venus. Look for ways to find your footing, to feel traction, no matter how slow. Taurus is an earth sign of productivity, living your values and flourishing in the arts.”
“From the first of May to the New Moon in Taurus on May 9th, the energies of fixed Taurus bring us down to Earth. This can be a comforting sensation, and help you feel grounded. You can be revitalized and feel good, if you re-balance the time spent in the virtual with time spent in the landscape of the real. Experience the power in the calm of natural frequencies…”
Sound Advice
“There can be mercurial tests of your thinking in May — how sound is your grasp of reality? Are you missing out on opportunities because of drama (anothers or your own?). On May 5th, Saturn opposes Mercury, and this comes with a note of caution. To thoroughly suss out an offer, before binding yourself to it in any way.”
“Taurus is a conservative sign by nature, with the wisdom to build what will last. This inspires the instinct to “wait and see” in the first half of May. The seeing part can be very illuminating, and help you make wise choices. Some of the waiting could understanding that there is something larger playing out — the creative chaos that has its own timing. There may be more break down necessary, and waiting to see what’s left in the ruins.”
“From May 5th to the 7th, Mars and Mercury both get the backing of Pluto, in an earth trine (and conjunction). These are days to deeply see and sense what’s going on, in the real world. It means trusting your powers of observation and your senses, even if it goes against what’s popularly believed out there.'”
“There can be a real shift and empowerment, to stand in your own knowing. This is a powerful lead-in to the Taurus New Moon (May 9th) with Solar Eclipse. Some signs of new life sprout when you fall back on your natural instincts. The Moon is at home in Taurus, for renewing yourself as an earthling in an earth suit. The split from nature is making people sick, and the return makes us whole again.”
“It’s a call to slip out of what’s binding and artificial, and relax into what’s natural. This is the antidote to the epidemic of needless stress. See what’s there for you in nature, as nature. From this experience, everything changes, including priorities. There are difficult aspects involving Saturn, and a Venus-Neptune square. It can be tempting to zone out or seek an escape. But big rewards come from finding that intimacy with the home planet.
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