“Within any seed is the hologram of both its potential and the fulfillment of its true nature. all possibility exists within the seed; it is informed directly from the ordered patterning of the light.
“That is to say, the perfect unfolding of a seed’s potential is determined at each stage of its growth.
“Often we are caught in the maze of the mind, looking for answers when, through our innate tropism to the light, our perfect pattern of growth would unfold with joyful ease.
“Tropism is the tendency to respond or move toward something by natural attraction.
“Through a code inherent within, a sprouted seed grows toward the light as a sunflower follows the Sun.
“In this manner, you respond toward the light in your Essence Self, opening naturally to the fulfillment of your true nature. 
“Through your own process of living and learning, you generate and plant various intentions and desires.
“As your natural growth pattern is catalyzed and awakened, your truth germinates in wisdom, emerging into the light in which all seeds flourish.
“Thus, as you plant your own truth, more truth comes to light. In this way, you create ever more fertile ground in which to explore and express all that you are.”
~Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner from The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light