“Sharing in the child’s wonder and curiosity reopens our wonder and curiosity. The bond of affection with a child’s innocent state creates a profound shift in the adult. The shift is seeing the child as he or she actually is rather than looking through an agenda. It has been said we can’t enter the kingdom unless we become little children. Participating in the child’s state of innocence and wonder opens the door to the kingdom once again.”
“Human development ultimately involves spiritual development and parenting is, or can be a powerful spiritual process.”
“Our lives are transformed by responding to the actual needs of the children we love. Discovering that our state of being, moment to moment, is their model, and their state is ours, brings about increased awareness and sensitivity to our behavior.”
“Only love is powerful enough to bring about such a radical change in perception. Awakening to the deep conditioning we find in ourselves, and not wanting to impose our limitations on our children, is a powerful catalyst for our own transformation. With abiding affection and basic trust the child leads the adult playfully into their next stage of development while the adult leads the child playfully into their next stage. And this magical state continues, expanding playfully, lifelong. Yes, this is indeed the Optimum Learning Relationship…”
“In Optimum Learning Relationships the adult and child experience the same act, but from totally different points of view. Parenting brings us to a higher level of the same growth process as the child. And with that, we really come into our own.”
~From “Magical Parent, Magical Child: The art of Joyful Parenting” by Michael Mendizza with Joseph Chilton Pearce