Dear friends and commUNITY of MYSTIC MAMMA~
MYSTIC MAMMA’s mission, since its birth in this form in 20o9, has been to expand the consciousness on our planet by offering a lovingly and intuitively curated reflective well of wisdom and guidance featuring the most pioneering voices of our time alongside ancient wisdom across all faiths.
As the keeper of this heart space, I am led by the purest intentions to serve and uphold all that is beautiful and true. I am intuitively guided by Spirit to bring in the particular illuminating messages, guidance and vision that is so needed at this time.
If MYSTIC MAMMA has added value to your life, please consider supporting this energy stream by becoming a monthly supporter at whatever level you can and keep this channel expanding and open for all.
Support from You, and our community of kindred souls, allows me to continue to create ripples in our personal and collective remembrance through shifting minds and opening hearts all across our beautiful Mother Earth.
My deepest gratitude in advance for whatever you can do, and for aligning with and supporting this mission~~~
In humble service~


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