ART: SEEING ©️2023
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dear hearts~
“there is a sentient stream of deep waters that runs beneath the surface of all our lives, where our collective waters blend with our personal wells…
“when we tend to the waters within us we bring healing to all of us…
“as we approach the total ring of fire + new moon in Libra eclipse on October 14th, we are no doubt all feeling the energy building…”


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a little excerpt:
“there is a new way or relating to each other that wants to bloom, and the cultivation of our own healing allows us to better relate and extend our humanity and understanding to others…
“love takes root in our hearts and slowly grows like a beautiful flower, so the presence of love within us is always here, even amidst all the destruction and desecration, we can activate the links between our hearts to help us all remember and return…”
with all my heart~