January 23rd is the NEW MOON in Aquarius and the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Water (Black) Dragon! Here is the lo down on the energy coming in… I will also update closer to the 23rd!
Some wonderful insight on the Year of the Dragon from Shelly Wu and her website
“YEAR of the DRAGON:
“Beginning on January 23, 2012 the flamboyant Dragon will fill the skies with fireworks as we enter into the new year of the Water (Black) Dragon!”
“… According to this 6,000 year old art, our planet should progress quite nicely in the next two years. 2012 and 2013 correspond to the ‘lucky Dragon, and the wise Snake years; the Dragon and the Snake together make up the life-palace of Spirituality. “
“2012 will bring opportunities to awaken your own higher consciousness and eliminate negativity, limitations and disease from your life. And if that isn’t exciting enough for you, just wait until 2013’s philosophical Snake year approaches bringing with it, cosmic awareness, sage spirituality, and integration with Source.”
“…Think on this: Dragon years are traditionally filled with Pageantry, Festivals and elaborate Celebrations. These years hold potential extravagance, grandiose ambitions and futuristic enterprises which soar to the forefront with drama. The essence of Dragon years is ‘ unpredictability’, and the average Dragon year will be exhausting, bringing both spectacular victories and some memorable defeats. “
“Unlike the other animals of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is a mythical creature, and the sign of good luck and vital health. Unlike the frightening Dragons of Western mythology, Chinese Dragons are benevolent creatures who live in the heavens and command the cosmos; wind, mist, rain, thunder and lightning.”
2012 opens communication to the inner spiritual planes (as above, so below) and the opportunity for humanity to receive Divine guidance. 2012 will be a very special time for humankind …Let the Dragon  lend you his wings to progress beyond what you think is possible for yourself. The reward will be an understanding of personal truths that may, very well, change your life forever. “
© 1996-2012 Shelly Wu Associates All rights reserved.
NEW MOON insight from astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“We have the New Moon in Aquarius on January 23, our first New Moon in 2012. Our initiation into the future gets a boost of innovation and inspiration from Uranus the Awakener in harmonious aspect to the New Moon. Saturn and Jupiter are making a wide challenging aspect. Requiring that we use down to earth methods in attaining our fresh ideas currently being conceived.”
“All New Moons are new beginnings. We have the opportunity to plant new seeds in rich soil and watch what grows. Aquarius is most associated with our Dawning Age of freedom, abundance, truth, enlightenment and peace. Uranus is the God of chaos, who shatters old forms to make way for new ones. This New Moon starts another wave of breakdowns to breakthroughs. Uranus rules Truth.”
“…Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth. The desire for it is strong today and sweeping the planet especially in our youth. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. We are leaving the Age of Pisces. Pisces is the twelfth house sign of restriction and limitation. We now stand between two ages and to faith—Pisces added ‘knowledge—Aquarius. In the Age of Aquarius, responsibility—Saturn and liberation—Uranus go hand in hand. True liberation can only come from inside….”
Mars retrograde in Virgo January 23 April 13, 2012
“This is a powerful transit for Mars rules our work, career, energy, sex drive and passion. In Virgo, the hardest workers of the zodiac, Mars give us the opportunity to figure out, fix and rework what is not working in our lives. Mars retrograde in Virgo directs us to resolve self-esteem issues, martyrdom and passive aggressive behaviors. Challenges around anger, assertion, conflict and courage come to the fore. This is an excellent time to delve into our fears, underlying motivations, and to learn nonviolent communication.”
© Kelley Rosano All rights reserved.
More insight from The Lunar Planner:
“Seeking Sameness leads to Separation. Honoring Uniqueness leads to Oneness.
“Jupiter completes its retrograde just after the New Moon, which restores our experience of movement and expansion. This fully commences the new 399-day Earth-Jupiter synodic cycle that began on October 29. The theme of this synodic cycle inspires us to get off the fence of indecision and to leave the small and middle-ground approaches in our lives. It invites us to move forward in our partnerships in an expansive and all embracing way; and it invites the expansion and expression of heart and art in a big way.”
“Venus makes several conjunctions in this lunar cycle and also begins new synodic cycles with Vesta, Uranus, Ceres and Eris. These events influence matters associated with heart, art, and financial resources. They also bring inspiration to cross new bridges, and to pursue our greater dreams and visions. Jupiter’s shift along with Venus prominent role in this lunar cycle also adds a social quality to this lunar cycle. All of this produces a progressive and heart-oriented lunar month.”
*NEW* Here is some wonderful insight from the great Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers Blog:
“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Aquarius indicates we need to renounce old social roles, and step into a new individuality by reclaiming something of ourselves we lost while trying to play those roles. We can still get a tremendous amount of work done, as well as embrace “a cosmic visitation” that shows us the way to greater practical effectiveness and stability. This could describe the coming Year of the Water Dragon!”
“This New Moon in Aquarius will help us see a greater way to contribute to our society or culture, and provide power, even if it seems a bit unbalanced. This can help us figure out what the recent Sagittarius Eclipses and the follow up Capricorn period were all about, and shows us things to come in as we resume our path to a greater stability, harmony, and understanding of the new standards we aspire to live. Based in what decans the planets are in, it’ll be a time of very action oriented spiritualizing and harmonizing understanding.”
“The Light of this New Moon shines on a greater ideal of group work or larger service, with tremendous growth through seeing how the past has fed this future, and reclaiming the power of timeless knowledge and wisdom as conditioning forces giving us a vaster perspective on what we’re here to do. There is tremendous potential for coming to a clear understanding of how to make things work on practical levels, so keep it organized and balanced and you’ll receive rewards for your courage in seeing the broader context of your life mission and executing what it takes to move toward that vision, or move that vision forward.”
“…Neptune and Chiron dancing between signs on “the Cusp of the Age” has had the effect of making it seem like we’re all occupying a very weird dreamscape which we’ll be navigating for years to come. The trick for us is to apply our new strengths and understanding freed from the ghosts of the past, and by riding the waves of intense (but curiously steady) pulses of spiritual energies shaping our minds, we can find techniques where our efforts will lead us to forms of good fortune.”
“…We are all learning a lot about Dharma during Saturn’s stay in Libra, as well as what we should not be trying to prop up through a misplaced sense of responsibility or obligation. If we run into roadblocks or delays, it should tell us a lot about patience, as well as what limitations and burdens we can live with and what we cannot.”

© Copyright 2012 Robert Wilkinson

*NEW* Lastly some more great insight from astrologer Molly Hall.Enjoy!
“This New Moon is considered auspicious as a doorway to finer cosmic vibes. It’s Lunar Imbolc, or Candlemas. It’s time for idealism, and welcoming fine fresh vibes and possibilities. All is new, as the Sun grows stronger everyday, and we sense Spring just around the corner. At Imbolc, we light candles and ask for faith to see us through the last days of winter.”
“The New Moon is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions or do a New Moon Ritual that grows with the lunar light and reaches fruition at the Full Moon.”
“Aquarius is about shared energies, in groups, making this key for coming together in ritual. You’ll want to be sure you’re on the same wavelength, since group harmonics play an important role now. If you’re not in synch with your current circle of friends and colleagues, go out and seek those that are an inspired match. This New Moon is about allies for the future, who are tuned in to the highest vision for the whole.”