ART: HEART©️2023
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dear hearts~
An invitation to fill our lungs with deep breaths and anchor ourselves into the Earth, wherever we find ourselves on our planet, as our prayers for peace resound…
These are times of great change, and the pain and suffering in the collective field is a lot to feel. 
I am one who feels deeply and like so many of us at this time, we are all having to learn how to navigate the emotional intensity that has been rising. 
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a little excerpt..
There is an energetic matrix that we can fall into where we can feel justified to battle and engage in the energy that is competitive and wants to one up, but that only manifests its counterpart. It activates an opposition. 
Instead we can choose to stand inside the circle of Life, which links us in our interdependence and that has no sides. 
It is easy to envision, but harder to practice when we are affected, when we are feeling wronged, or violated. And in these instances that may arise in our personal lives, we get to practice the peacemaking we wish for in the collective…
Scorpio energies can help us discover new ways of relating to power that are not about control over. 
When we anchor into the power of our hearts, into the power of love, we lean into the most primal power there is.
It is one that can hold us all. 
With all my heart~