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dearest hearts~
we have an inspirational NEW MOON in Sagittarius rising today 12/12 as well as MERCURY stationing retrograde in Capricorn…
this Sagittarius NEW MOON is one of the most hopeful moons of the year as it carries with it all of the beautiful Sagittarius qualities of expansiveness, taking a chance on something new, and moving toward what lights our hearts on fire…
Being that MERCURY is going Retrograde on the same day brings in the theme of RETURNING. Returning to ourselves, our joy, and the things and activities that bring us a sense of spiritual expansion.
as is commonplace during Mercury Retrograde periods, things may also be RETURNING to us, friends, loves, visions, dreams, ideas, memories, karmic gifts…
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a little excerpt..
we are the center points between Earth and Sky, both human and Being, within the spectrum of our life experience living in the world at this time of such extremes. 
how do we hold the paradox? can we allow ourselves to live fully, to experience joy in our life, even amidst the suffering? 
each of us experiences life in our way, through our lens and experience of what is true for us. 
if only we could allow others their own experience as well, specially when it is different from ours, we could make room for all of us here…”
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With all my heART!