ART: WORTH©️2024
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the winds of change have been blowing stirring up the elements to bring us greater clarity on the landscape before us and the road ahead…
we have a NEW MOON in Capricorn 1/11 bringing in some purposefully driven energies to helps us plan what direction we want to move in…
this NEW MOON is pivoting us back into our own value and worth reminding us that our own self-integrity is the compass that continually re-orients us back to ourselves and what is right for us…
my messages now live on my PATREON:
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a little excerpt….
“this is a pivotal point in time where we are leaving behind certain chapters of our lives and opening to new ones…
like the great Robert Nesta Marley sang…
‘Why do you look so sad and forsaken? Don’t you know, when one door is closed, when one door is closed, many more is open’
what door are we ready to open?
what are we saying YES to?”


with all my heart~