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Dear hearts!
I hope that each of us has been taking good care of ourselves this past week as we collectively moved through the final critical degrees of Pluto in Capricorn!
There has been a huge purge and a necessary releasing and breaking away from relationships and situations that have not been in sympathetic resonance with us.
It is painful to let go of something or someone who we love but whose actions are devaluing and diminishing of us…
The new incoming energies of Pluto in Aquarius are bringing us support to free ourselves from situations, people or groups that are not in true alignment and helping us to find those that truly are…
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a little excerpt….
Pluto has also been helping to expose the underbelly in the power dynamic of consensus thinking.
Reminds me of this photo that I have always loved of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez standing in front of this poster that says… ‘Protest against the rising tide of Conformity.’

Conformity through coercion does not work when we are unwilling to be bound by the rules, expectations and demands of others. ‘This is what is right. This is how we do things. If you don’t do as we do, then shame on you.’
We have seen this social wave of cancelling and public shaming spiral in the extreme these past few years. “Think, be and act like us or you will be outcast.”
But Aquarius liberates the outcasts, it values autonomy and free thinking and yes we can go our own way and it’s ok…
We must serve the Higher Love within each of us, and that love is free, it does not seek to control.
We can keep this in mind as there will be many shifts reflecting the subconscious elements at play beneath what is being said or done…
On 1/25 we have our first FULL MOON of the year in LEO! With the stirring of our passions, it might also be bringing in its expected sparks and perhaps dramatics…
…the most important thing for us to remember is to keep all in perspective, with so much change and activation, all of our passions are being whisked. 
LEO says remember, we are lovers, so let’s activate our hearts in the expansion of compassion and let our passions be the warmth cultivated within us.
We are each the Queens and Kings of our own domain, of our own bodies, and we must sit within the throne of our own hearts.
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with all my love!