ART: NOT TWO ©️2023
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the wheel of change is always turning
ever moving us in cycles of regeneration


in releasing we receive 


the night yields to the day 
as the day surrenders
to the night


in the crossings we blend 


this delicate dance of the two and not-two 
holds the mystery of our wholeness 


and love is the force 
that holds us all


as the strings of our hearts 
are tuned to the songs
of remembrance 


We welcome in the turning of the wheel at the crossings into fall, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere and into spring, for those of us in Southern hemisphere! 
these turning points anchor us to the rhythms of our Earth and unite us with all who celebrate our interdependence and connectivity 
we are woven through our remembrance of our union with the natural world that we are an intrinsic part of, as we renew our links and strengthen our trust with the greater web of Life that holds us all together 
may the winds of change carry us gently across the seasons of our lives, as the sun moves into Libra and we continue to learn about ourselves through the mirror of all our relationships and the ever courting dance of the two and the not two…
equinox blessings! 
with all my heart~