Dear friends and community~
Brother Kaypacha and I have come together once again to offer up to those who are interested a *1 hour MP3 Audio recording* in which we share inspiration, guidance and the ASTRAL INSIGHTS for 2016.
This 1 hour MP3 Audio Recording is now available as a download for a $11 exchange~
If you wish to get this please use link below…
We are so grateful for you supporting our work!


Buy Here 



~Shortly after you pay via Paypal you will be sent an email with a unique url for you to download recording. Please check the email you used on Paypal as that is the one it will be sent to! 
~PLEASE NOTE, most likely, it will not download to your Mobile or tablet device. It will cut off and you might experience problems so it’s best to download to your computer first.
~You will only have 3 tries to download with your unique link and after that you will reach limit. (Sorry this is how the system is set) This has nothing to do with how many times you can listen, once you download to your computer you can listen as many times as you wish!
~If for some reason you get maxed out on downloads, do not worry! Just email me at info at and you will be sent the link again.
~Please be patient for response as we are all on different time zones! It will be sent to you as soon as  possible~~~